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For Students in Grades 3 - 8

Entry Form

Read the book, available at your school library or nearby Los Angeles Public Library branch library.

Compose an essay of no more than 300 words using three separate paragraphs explaining:

     1. Your reactions to the book as a whole.
     2. Your thoughts about a character or scene that stuck with you.
     3. What it would mean for you to meet the author.
     • No title is required.
     • Check spelling, punctuation, and grammar carefully. Mistakes will disqualify the entry.

Individual students may each submit their own entry.
Only one entry per student is allowed.
Teachers may select the 3 most original entries per classroom to submit.
Online entries: submit by November 2, 2018 by 11:59 p.m. PST using this form.

The FOCAL Judges will choose three essays. Each winner will be notified by November 19, 2018.

All applicable sections MUST be completed. (Phones may not work with this form.)
You may print your completed, checked form for your records before submitting.

Student's First Name:

Student's Middle Initial:
Student's Last Name:
Address - Street:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Parent/Student Email:
Teacher's Name and class/period:
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Write your Essay in the space below. Put the word count on a separate line at the end.